Mikz n' Trikz (mikzntrikz) wrote in clockwork_domy,
Mikz n' Trikz

Hi, new member

Hi! Mikz n' Trikz here. New to this community, but just wanted to say hello and do the whole intro thing. Pretty much new to livejournal as well so having a few friends add mikzntrikz would be nice :P

If you're interested just check out the "user info", hopefully some of us have more than just a few things in common? We can be friends? Don't know exactly how communities work here (Yes, even though livejournal has been around for ages, never quite used it like this)... so um, yeah that's it, for now?

This is a free journal, so it's not like you HAVE to add, in order to read the posts, but yeah... better to know who's watching ;)

Hugz n' Kissez,
Mikz n' Trikz
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