Tory (xwaterloosunset) wrote in clockwork_domy,

"Singin' in the Rain" mp3?

Hi ... this may be a stretch, but by any chance does anyone have a mp3 of Malcolm/Alex singing "Singin' in the Rain"?

Or does anyone know where I could find one? Because I've been told the soundtrack version is the original by Gene Kelly. Thanks!

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theres only about a minute and a half though, sorry :/
Thank you so much!

A minute and a half is better than nothing :]
no problem =)
Sorry to be a pest, it doesn't seem to be working though. I can download it fine, but I don't think its a mp3. Do you know how to convert it by any chance?
oh i'm so sorry, i don't know :(

there might be somewhere you can do it, but i dont know of any sites. sorry :/

Alright, that's not problem. I'll figure it out. Thanks again though!! :]
Thank you SO much!! (And sorry for the slow response)

It works perfectly :]